[Inventor] 使用iLogic改变草绘中的尺寸

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It is a bit tricky but you can add a new rule and inside that rule set the named dimensions and parameters.

Inside a part add a rule. Here is an example, Blue words are parameters/dimensions from the part or sketch, so this block uses the two objects (DiamColl and DiamAtt) to change a diameter called Dcoll .

  1. Dim RagColl as Double
  2. Dim RagAtt As Double

  3. RagColl = DiamColl/2.0
  4. RagAtt = DiamAtt/2.0

  5. If RagAtt < RagColl Then
  6. Dcoll = Sqrt((RagColl*RagColl) - (RagAtt*RagAtt))
  7. Else
  8. Dcoll = 0.0
  9. End If
What is also a bit tricky is when things get triggered.




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