AutoCAD for Mac 2020.2 Update

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The readme contains latest information regarding this update

已发布: 9月 24, 2020
严重性: High

产品 AutoCAD for Mac
状态: Live
版本: 2020

类型 Other
大小: 471.48MB
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Thank you for installing AutoCAD®/AutoCAD LT for Mac® 2020.2 Update

The 2020.2 Update fixes compatibility issues with macOS Big Sur. It also improves overall stability of the product. This update can be installed on all AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT 2020 official releases and is recommended for all users. Please read the entire document before you apply the update to your product. For reference, please save this document to your hard drive or print a copy.

The 2020.1 Update, 2020.1.1 Hotfix and 2020.1.2 Hotfix are included in this update.


Primary Issues Resolved in 2020.2 Update
Installation Instructions
Primary Issues Resolved in 2020.2 Update
macOS Big Sur Compatibility

UI layout problems in some palettes and dialogs.
UI string misaligned in some dropdown menus and popup lists.
DWG preview shows upside-down in Finder.
The horizontal toolbar color displays incorrectly.
System alert to grant access to some folder sometimes won't show up when opening a drawing with xrefs.

Occasional short freezes when working in the block palette.
Occasional crashes when cancel in the delete block alert.
Occasional crashes when confirm attributes after inserting a block.

Occasional crashes when editing a drawing with tables.
Occasional crashes when editing a drawing with a lot of TrueType texts.

Occasional crashes when search in Application Preferences dialog.
Installation Instructions

The 2020.2 Update can be installed over AutoCAD(AutoCAD LT) for Mac 2020.

To install AutoCAD(AutoCAD LT) for Mac 2020.2 Update, do the following:

Close all Autodesk applications before you begin to install.
Double-click AutoCAD_Mac_2020.2_Update_Combo.dmg(AutoCAD_LT_Mac_2020.2_Update_Combo.dmg) to mount the volume.
Double-click AutoCAD_Mac_2020.2_Update_Combo.pkg(AutoCAD_LT_Mac_2020.2_Update_Combo.pkg) in the new mounted volume to run the installer.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
The version can be checked in menu AutoCAD 2020(AutoCAD LT 2020) > select About AutoCAD(AutoCAD LT), you should see "AutoCAD 2020.2"("AutoCAD LT 2020.2") label.
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Quit AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT for Mac.
In Finder, navigate to Applications > Autodesk > AutoCAD 2020 and double-click Remove AutoCAD 2020 app. For LT, navigate to Applications > Autodesk > AutoCAD LT 2020 and double-click Remove AutoCAD LT 2020 app.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation process.
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Thank You

We want to express our appreciation to all our customers who identified these issues and reported them to us. Their reports gave us the opportunity to improve the product and to provide you with the best solution in general design and drafting. We also thank you for your continued business, and for your feedback regarding this release.


Autodesk AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Product Team


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